Welcome to the Dream-Giver Network's links page! If you've had enough of this enormous network of mine, then you're in luck! I have even more amazing websites for you to spend hours checking out! First up, my beloved affiliates. ♥

Affiliation is OPEN. Feel free to contact me about this. :) If you're interested in linking back, here are some buttons.


And lastly, here is a collection of sites that I often frequent and drool over. Visit them because they are so gorgeous.

Jinkaku.org Skygarden.net Blizzara.org
Fukanzen.net Toxopic.org Time-stranger.net
Silverblood.net Snow-heart.net Sky-below.net
Autumn-Leaves.net Heartilly.com Gran-Pulse.net
Eternal-Wings.net Reflera.org UrbanGeisha.net
Cosmic-Dare.org Zeruda.org Sun-Cryst.org
Nightbringer.net Rigelatin.net Redcrown.net
Shinkirou.net Shinshoku.net Wild-Seven.org